Red Kimono: Michael © Lis Fields 2015

name: Michael Moore

age: 24

gender: M

nationality: UK

racial heritiage: Northern European

occupation: Campaigner/Musician

activism: Campaigning with Republic for a democratic alternative to the monarchy, an elected head of state and a republican constitution

thoughts re Fukushima: Fukushima was a tragedy. A collision of cultural negligence and natural disaster. The irony of Fukushima in the context of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is in truth a story of the threat seemingly hidden dangers pose in the face of our propensity to forget. This very human dissonance of memory and reality is one that is echoed in the nuclear debate. There are the frightening memories of Chernobyl and the otherwise reassuring reality of its uniquely disastrous design, and the acknowledgement and fear of an impending environmental disaster yet the untold reality of coal growing faster in use than any other fossil fuel. Whatever the solution to the energy needs of our rapidly increasing population, it lies in a measured response to the dangers of radioactivity, the viability of renewables, scientific and technological progress, and the dangers of an increasingly perilous environmental and political landscape. There’s a strong chance nuclear power could save us from ourselves, but it could also be our undoing. Ultimately we must understand our own nature before embarking on these uses of technology. As with the past, the future will be a very human one, and will involve the most human of traits: risk. For this we must never stop remembering the mistakes of the past, to ensure we have a future.

thoughts re the project: It is extremely important that we remember in solidarity mistakes made throughout history and reflect upon the impermanency of life, for the sake of our future on this planet. This project does just that, it remembers, bringing us together in solidarity, remembrance and reflection.

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