RED-KIMONOx5-copyrightLisFields2015-lrgThe Red Kimono photographic portrait series was conceived as a response to the nuclear catastrophe unleashed at Fukushima Daiichi in Japan, ongoing since March 2011.


widespread and uneven radioactive contamination as measured in 2012

Radiation does not recognise national boundaries. Radioactive particles from Fukushima have been continually dispersed around the globe, in varying degrees, by the winds and ocean currents and by the rain and snow formed from the ocean waters.

The work is intended as a gesture of solidarity with all those suffering as a result of this ongoing, multi-faceted catastrophe. It is also an attempt to help to raise awareness, and to elicit questions, via the use of provocative, attention-grabbing imagery and a selection of memoirs and letters by evacuees from Fukushima.

Those who participate as models are all artists and/or activists of some kind, both male and female, diverse in age, nationality and racial heritage. Each participant is painted with geisha-style makeup and dressed in the same vintage red kimono before being photographed.

The diversity of the participants is intended to reflect the fact that everyone on the planet, regardless of race, nationality, culture, age and gender has been affected in some way and to some degree by this catastrophe. This could be the physical consequences of breathing, drinking or eating one or more of the radioactive particles from the destroyed reactors. And/or it could be some degree of psychological, emotional, social, political and economic consequence.




Red Kimono にモデルとして参加した人々は皆、アーティストや活動家の側面を持つ男性や女性で、年齢、国籍、人種的背景はさまざまです。どのモデルも芸者スタイルの化粧を施し、ビンテージの赤い着物に身を包んだ姿で撮影に臨みました。

information about exhibitions of Red Kimono here

some of the 30 portraits are  here

The series began in 2014 with this portrait of Rik


Microsoft Word - fuku deposition maps.docx

spread of radioactive contamination by March 20, 2011, with Cesium-137 generated by the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

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