Stephen Tiller



name: Stephen Tiller

gender: M

nationality: British

racial heritage: Jewish-Irish

occupation: theatremaker

activism: Israel-Palestine. Anti-Zionist

thoughts re Fukushima: I’d like to do a show in Japan with Japanese theatremakers about it

Dinka youth, South Sudan, whiten their faces:

Dinka youth from a cattle camp near Akot, South Sudan sing and beat their sticks together in time to the music. Hair died orange with cow urine, the youth have also smeared cow dung ash (the white marks) on their faces, heads, and bodies as a beauty cosmetic. The cow dung ash has dual appeal, also actingas a mosquito repellent at night:


Mussiro is a thick white paste extracted from the roots of the ‘N’tunkuti’ tree, traditionally worn by Makua women of Mozambique and Tanzania.

Historically it was worn to signify virginity or to indicate menstruation or an absent husband or sexual availability. It was used in ceremonies to mark the beginning of womanhood or in funerals.

Mussiro is also valued as a beauty treatment and is used from the puberty onwards to protect the skin against acne and wrinkles:

Fotos de Mulheres Moçambicanas Com Mussiro