poems by Ann Garrett

Ann Garrett reading her poems at the Red Kimono evening at Conway Hall on 26th September 2015:


Ann Garrett,  photo: © DavidXGreen 2015

Fukushima Meltdown 2011

[ 2015 The robot camera reveals all ]

Reactor 1 –   5 hours after the Tsunami


March 12th – Explosion rips off the roof

Reactor 2   –   March 14th – Meltdown

March 15th   – Explosion

Reactor 3   –   March 14th – Meltdown

Explosion destroys building

Reactor 4   –   March 15th, 16th Fire damage

The electricity supply to cooling system fails

The tsunami wave destroys the back up generators

Major organisational and procedural failings

Communication failures between Government and TEPCO

Lack of clarity over key responsibilities

Land is contaminated

Houses are radioactive

Cancers begin to form

Dai-itchi waters release

Their wanton wares into the seas

The unstoppable beast

Eats into hearts, souls, lives

in brooding bitterness and blame

Unchallenged by the need for nuclear power

Spread cherry blossom pink in peace

Spread vegetation green for sustainability

Spread fire-cracker red to stir up the world !

by Ann Garrett [ April 24th /15 ]



On each morning

Of each day

We all share

The same dawn

But do we all share

The same vision ?

Some day we will

Share a new vision

A nuclear-free dawn

by Ann Garrett


Radiation Rules

Windscale – 1957

Three Mile Island – 1979

Chernobyl – 1986

Fukushima – 2011

Names that chillingly

Haunt our dreams

Haunt the lives of people

Caught up in the reality

Of radiation roundabouts

Of bureaucratic cover-up

Business priority protects

Dangerous corporate double-deals

Horizon Nuclear Power controls

The world wraps itself

In a mantle of delusion

Breathe the freshness of

Wind, solar and sea-born

Energies of excellence

by Ann Garrett Ashley


Stockpiles for Whom ?

Beneath the benevolent title

‘Stockpile Stewardship’

A caring


Deadly mix created in Los Alamos

New ultra noxious generations of

Trident nuclear warheads

Launched in one minute

Clinically calculated to explode

Closer to the ground with increased fusion

Are being efficiently assembled

Pro-nuclear governments’

Nuclear scientists’

Nuclear designers’

Nuclear weapons manufacturers’

Dreams come true

Systematically stockpiled

High tech monstrous maintenance mountains

Management programmes

Five billion dollars worth

Ostensibly for our protection

‘Stockpile Stewardship’

An Academic Strategic Alliance Partnership

A re-assuring mismatch for

A caring


Society of greedy global giants

Misnamed to those

Who know the truth

How nuclear poisons permeate forever

by Ann Garrett Ashley [ 2006 ]